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Nutritional Therapy Clinic

About the process


The appointments I offer are one-to-one and take place in Harpenden Hertfordshire or online.

Through experience, I have found that dedication to the process is required to achieve the best transformation in terms of positive change and health improvements. As such, I tend to ask clients to work with me over a 12 week period, in which time we have 7 one-to-one sessions together. This enables me to get to know you, learn your story and understand your goals and what you need.

In your initial 90-minute appointment, I will take a comprehensive case history to assess how best to support you. I can then explain what I feel are the areas we should explore together, and lay out our strategy for the next 12 weeks. In this appointment, I may recommend undergoing functional testing. Examples of tests that I commonly work with include nutri-genetics, hormones, and microbiome testing. These tests are run privately and are therefore additional costs, but there is no pressure to privately test - plenty can be achieved without tests. I also refer clients to the GP for NHS testing, where applicable.


In your second appointment we will start focussing on personalised dietary support. My job is to problem solve with you to make sure that the recommendations we agree on are going to be manageable and enjoyable.


Over the following weeks of us working together we gradually build on things, broadly covering 5 main areas: Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mindset, Movement, and Nutritional Supplements. Each session we will assess your progress, and build on the positive changes, enabling an informed and empowered way forward towards your goals.


Any test results feed into the picture and provide a deeper level of understanding about you, your biochemistry, and can enable a more targeted direction for your nutrition intervention and support.


Nutritional supplements can also be a powerful element of my practitioner toolkit. These are recommended if it’s safe and appropriate to do so.


The 12 week process can help to get your health back on track, allowing you to feel secure enough to take things forward on your own. However, further appointments are often requested by clients, and I am always happy to support you for as long as is needed.

If you would like more information about the services we offer, I would love to hear from you. Email us at:

Or if you’re ready to take the next step and get back to feeling amazing again, please click HERE to book a FREE 1:1 call, in which I’d love to talk to you about your own individual diet, share with you some personalised advice, and answer any questions you might have.

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Book your free initial appointment

In this 30 minute one-to-one appointment, we will assess your needs and provide you with initial recommendations to get you started.


You'll leave feeling positive, motivated and crystal clear on your next steps... 

What Clients Say

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"When I began working with Molly, I felt like I was living under a cloud. Over the course of the last 5 months, I have learnt who I am again, reconnected with my values but also embarked on a journey of discovery, a journey, I’m excited and thankful to continue on. Needless to say, my health; physical, emotional and mental has benefitted beyond words as has that of my relationships and my family.."
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